Procedure of trademark registration in Aruba

The Bureau does not require evidence of first usage or intent to use for registration of a mark. The registration process is simple, efficient and takes approximately three weeks to complete. The trademark lawyer on behalf of the trademark owner files the application. It should be noted that all trademark lawyer need to be approved by the Bureau. The trademark lawyer will require a power of attorney from the owner of the mark. In practice fax copies of executed power of attorney are acceptable to the Bureau. According to good business practice it is important for the trademark lawyer to have a duly executed original in its files. It is not required for the power of attorney to be legalized or notarized. When the application is filed with the Bureau, the Bureau will carry an independent investigation to see if there are any objections to the application. After this has been done and no objections are made by the Bureau, the trademark is registered and the corresponding certificate of registration is issued. The registration is valid for ten years. All registered trademarks are published in the official publication of the Bureau, the "Markaruba".